“Wings of mind, wings of courage, wings to dare. But it’s the wings of love that will take you there!”


“Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

-Steve Jobs

When we fall in love our hearts become single pointed. Our whole world is consumed in the thought of our beloved. All else melts away as we surrender ourselves to love’s magnetic pull…..

So it is with your heart’s desire. It consumes you. Focuses you. Purifies you. This is how you will know it is a heart’s desire. It becomes the most important thing in your life. Don’t become confused and think it must therefore become the most important thing in other people’s life. There is enough room in our world for them to have their heart’s desire and you to have yours!

I have had three desires of the heart in my life and am now awakening to the fourth. This of course does not include family and friends. And yes they have transformed and purified my heart and always led me to be a better and more loving father, husband, brother, son, student, teacher and friend. And lo, I am still a work in progress.

But outside of this I have had three major callings, to be a black belt, to become a teacher, and to open school. Through these I found expressed and became who I am. Each of these became the consuming passion of my life at that time. Each led me to their own mountain tops. Each horizon gained gave me the vision to see the next horizon. The point is that if you trust what is in your heart today and follow it, it will lead you beyond where you ever dreamed you could go when you began.

When a burning desire is awakened there will be sacrifices. The one who gazes at the summit and imagines themselves standing at the top, must wisely examine their pack, and decide what is essential to the journey and what is not? If you are unwilling to let go of that extra weight, you will never achieve your goal. You’ll just have to admit you don’t want it bad enough Or you could just set up camp in the valley, it’s totally O.K. not everyone is a mountain climber! . We all rise or fall according to the level of our own hearts.


But for those of us who have experienced love, we know there is no greater experience in the world! We live for it! Yes in our relationships, but eventually beyond that into all we think, feel speak, and do! Our hearts become big enough to contain a universe. We can no longer lend our time or efforts to that which does not bear the signature of our love. We are true to ourselves because we know unless we are, we will not be able to be true to anyone or anything. We follow our dreams, because the idea of following the dream of another makes our blood run cold! We as created members of creation take joy in building and creating a life we love!


It’s impossible, said pride.

It’s risky, said experience.

It’s pointless, said reason.

Give it a try, whispered the heart!



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