“Even when in a dark room alone, act as if you are facing a noble guest.”

I dreamed I was living in a giant house. People of all races, religions, and social class were living together in this mansion. There was division and tension and some of the house members were advocating violence and were ready to act on it. We were to hold a house meeting that evening. I was painting in the sun room when I looked over and saw Carlos Santana addressing the house members.. He was saying “If we can find our inner rhythm we will be able to live in harmony” I wanted to help him so I came and sat next to him. He looked at me and smiled. I said, “If each member of the house can speak and act in every moment as though they are in the presence of whatever it is they hold sacred, we will eventually know peace.” I looked at Carlos and we smiled again.

Peace, Si Gong

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